Customize and personalize your adjustable bed

The new Prodigy adjustable bed has been redesigned by Leggett and Platt with our all new MicroHook system which keeps mattresses in place,eliminating the use of mattress retainer bars,which were a major problem for adjustable beds from the past. The Prodigy 2200 adjustable bed consists of a full range of safety and convenience features,which makes it the perfect choice for your bed. The Prodigy’s patented,high-quality adjustable bed frame is designed to provide a solid platform for a bed,even when the bed isn’t in use. The new adjustable bed also features a unique,hand-wound spring mechanism,to prevent the bed from twisting or bending.

The Prodigy’s patented capacitive-touch electric remote control and an innovative app for iPhone and Android mobile devices let you easily adjust the bed in the most comfortable way with just a touch of a button. The Prodigy’s patented,high-quality microprocessor-based system allows you to customize and personalize the bed,with easy to understand,step-by-step instructions.


The adjustable bed also comes standard with a two-year limited warranty. The adjustable bed has a built-in memory system,which helps you easily recall your favorite settings and sleep positions whenever you need them. The Prodigy bed is also equipped with a temperature sensing thermostat and a remote control which can be programmed to display temperature or a fan speed. In addition to a temperature sensing thermostat,you can program the Prodigy’s remote control to control either the air conditioner or a heater. The adjustable bed comes standard with a standard twin or double wide mattress.

The adjustable bed comes standard with an optional deluxe bed frame which includes a memory system and built-in memory programmable remote control. This deluxe bed frame is also built using a special deluxe vinyl that provides the Prodigy bed with an added layer of protection from scratches and wear. In addition to a deluxe bed frame,the adjustable bed includes a deluxe fitted sheet set. for ultimate comfort. Visit our websitestammheim.orgfor more information.

Ultimate comfort for both adults and children

Adjustable beds provide the ultimate in comfort for both adults and children who share a bed. In addition to a built-in memory feature,adjustable beds have a multitude of other features including a full range of features,including a built-in foot pedal,dual-density foam pad for extra support,anti-slip rubberized springs,ergonomic,adjustable headboard and footboards,padded headboard/footboard,a built-in headrest,five-point harness,and a foot rest and armrest/leg rest assembly,and an exclusive memory system with a built-in memory system for comfortable settings. The adjustable bed also includes a built-in memory feature which allows you to quickly recall your favorite bed positions.

With this in mind,we are confident that you will choose the Prodigy bed over any other adjustable bed on the market. The adjustable bed is perfect for people with a wide range of sleeping patterns and sleep positions. The adjustable bed is constructed with the highest quality and comfort in mind. With its many different styles and sizes,including both twin double,queen,king and California King,you can find the right adjustable bed to suit your needs and preferences. In addition to its versatility,the Prodigy Adjustable bed offers an amazing warranty that allows you to return the product in the event that you do not get the kind of sleep or quality you expect.

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