Work Comp and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss comes from the sounds we hear daily beyond an acceptable decibel. Loud music,jackhammers,airplanes,machines,and vehicle engines from far away are fine,but hearing it up close daily can damage the inner ear. Even exposure to metal can cause hearing loss. In the workplace,hearing loss from these sounds and objects worsens the situation. It’s difficult hearing sounds,conversations,and instructions from the boss. Can You Get Work Comp for Hearing Loss?

Each state has rules for hearing loss under worker’s compensation,so the possibility rises to 50/50. For the states allowing hearing loss worker’s compensation,aworkman's comp specializing in hearing loss under worker’s comp will be a great help toward a successful case. The employee must prove the hearing loss is a work-related incident. While noise-related hearing loss is obvious,chemical-related hearing loss exists when the ear encounters harmful chemicals such as metals,solvents,and asphyxiates. An audiologist is valuable evidence telling the court the amount of hearing lost in the ear along with balance issues.

While an employer’s defense is not wearing ear protection on the job such as ear buds or work-safe earmuffs,don’t let that deter you from the case. There is a statute of limitations,so it pays to be proactive. High-risk industries for hearing loss include carpentry,construction,mining,manufacturing,automotive,vehicle manufacturing,airline ground maintenance,and nightclub professionals. The hearing loss can be temporary or permanent depending on length of exposure and how high the sound was.

Employees can receive compensation for a job’s contribution to aggravating a prior hearing injury too. A job’s hearing test may indicate the employee’s hearing wasn’t 100% when he or she started. Combined with an audiologist’s review of the ear,the case becomes credible.

Can You Get Work Comp for Hearing Loss? It’s never too late to ask anworkers comp lawyer about an employee’s rights related to job-related hearing loss. There’s a possibility an employee will get compensation of any kind when resolved quickly.

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